"SO-Unconfined" is aimed at the evaluation of unconfined compression tests. It has a user-friendly interface and lots of smart capabilities are implemented. Individual tabs are assigned for project information (including basic information, borings and samples) and tests. Test data and corresponding calculations are available in addition to software outputs.

Note that unconfined compression tests could randomly be generated based on user-defined criteria.


General features

  • Supports "Metric", "SI", "English [ksf]" and "English [psi]" units. *
  • User is informed about the common ranges regarding input parameters.
  • Test data and corresponding calculations are presented in a separate format.
  • Blank laboratory data sheets may be used for test data input.
  • Saving files with a minimal size.

Unconfined compression test calculations

  • Various data input options.
  • Test data can be edited using either graph or table.
  • Random generation of unconfined compression tests based on user-defined criteria, including the following:
    ● Simulation of soil behavior using hyperbolic equation.
    ● Custom definition of soil behavior.
    ● ...