"SO-Sieve" having a user-friendly interface, includes sieve analysis, hydrometer and Atterberg limits tests. It also presents soil type based on USCS (Unified Soil Classification System).

Sieve analysis and Atterberg limits may either be determined by test results or visual examination. Hydrometer test can be calculated using both ASTM D7928 and ASTM D422 (withdrawn 2016) standards. Note that sieve analysis and hydrometer tests could randomly be generated based on user-defined criteria.

Finally, in addition to test data and corresponding calculations, software outputs are presented in both landscape and portrait formats.


General features

  • Supports "Metric" and "English" units. *
  • User is informed about the common ranges regarding input parameters.
  • Software outputs are exported in both landscape and portrait formats.
  • Test data and corresponding calculations are presented in a separate format.
  • Blank laboratory data sheets may be used for test data input.
  • Saving files with a minimal size.

Sieve analysis

  • Visual examination may be used for the determination of particle-size distribution.
  • Random generation of sample sieve analysis tests based on user-defined criteria.
  • Various sieve sets may be defined and used when needed.
  • Test data can be edited using either graph or input table.

Hydrometer test

  • Random generation of sample hydrometer tests based on user-defined criteria.
  • Hydrometer calculation using ASTM D7928:
    ● Control cylinder correction: Correction value is measured using a control cylinder after each of the test readings.
    ● Calibration relationship: is defined and automatically applied.
  • Hydrometer calculation using ASTM D422:
    ● Normal correction: Separate corrections are applied for the effect of temperature and dispersing agent. Temperature correction may be automatic or manually assigned by the user.
    ● Composite correction: is measured at two temperatures (spanning the range of expected test temperatures) and corrections for other temperatures are calculated by the use of linear interpolation.
  • The following may be defined through software settings and used when needed:
    ● Time list.
    ● Various 151H and 152H hydrometers.
    ● Corrections regarding various hydrometers including composite correction and calibration relationship.

Atterberg limits tests

  • Visual examination may be used for the determination of soil type according to plasticity chart.
  • User is warned when ASTM D4318 regulations are not satisfied.